Part II | Paper III | 

Cost Accounting 

Part II | Paper III | Cost Accounting 

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This course is for W.B.A.&A.S. Officers planning to appear for Half Yearly Departmental Exam which is held in every June & December. 

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4. As regard to the short notes portion of the paper, only notes will be provided which can help you to crack the exam. You'll not be provided with any video content regarding the same.

5. The course is totally 100% recorded. No live classes will be provided. Officers can access the class from Google Classroom App in recorded mode anytime and from anywhere. 

6. The mode of teaching will be in English & Hindi

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This course is only for W.B.A.&A.S. officers who are willing to appear for Paper II of Part II of the Half Yearly Departmental Exam

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Course Curriculum

L1 : Materials 

Material – Purchase, receipt, storage and issue of materials, records and forms kept In connection with the above, pricing of materials, maximum and minimum limits 

L2 : Labour

Labour - Employment of labour, different methods of payment of wages and Incentive, record maintained for payment of labour 

L3 : Overhead

Overhead – Production, administrative, distribution and selling overheads,Collected, apportioned and allocated 

L4 : Standard Costing 

Standard Costs and Standard Costing; Uses, & Importance. Differences with Budgetary Control, Preliminary Steps. Classification of Standards. Analysis and computation of Materials, Labour and Overhead Costs (concepts only) Variances 

L5 : Process Costing 

Meaning, Features, Process vs Job Costing, Principles of cost ascertainment for Materials, Labour & Overhead; Normal loss, Abnormal loss and gain and preparation of process accounts. Inter-process profit (simple cases). Valuation of WIP and Equivalent units (excluding intermediary process). 

L6 : CVP Analysis, Marginal Costing 

Introduction; CVP Assumptions and Uses; Break-Even Analysis: BE Point and Margin of Safety; Graphical presentation of CVP Relationship; Profit Graph 

L7 : Reconciliation between cost and financial accounts 

Concept of Branch; different types of Branches. Synthetic method – preparation of Branch account. Preparation of Branch Trading and P/L account. ( at cost & at IP ) – normal and abnormal losses. Analytical method – preparation of Branch Stock, Adjustment etc A/C (at cost & at IP ) – normal & abnormal losses Independent branch – concept of wholesale profit 

L8 : Budgeting

Budget and Budgetary Control; The budget manual, principal budget factor, preparation and monitoring procedures, Fixed and Flexible budget, preparation of functional budgets – concepts, cash budget, flexible budget